Group & Social Classes 

We offer a number of group classes for you learn to dance at social events like parties, night clubs or at your best friend’s destination wedding!



Group classes are hot and super fun. Learn modern Bachata Sensual moves, smooth rolls, body waves and isolations combined musicality and timing. Take our techniques on connections and leading straight to the dance floor! Be part of our class videos and enjoy the fun, meet new friends and soak in the great energy.  Register with a partner but no partners necessary to join.  8 weeks $99  


Students can take advantage of regularly scheduled outings at popular local nightclubs  & Latin dance clubs/venues where Baila Boogaloo teaches and performs on specific evenings. All students are invited to join us on our international events where we perform, compete and teach workshops!  Students are encouraged to attend to practice, socialize and just have fun! Group outings, congresses and travel opportunities are offered at a discount for cover rates, dinner packages, show prices, passes, hotels, etc. Contact us for more information!



This is a great way to learn Latin movement, coordination and dance while maintaining fitness and endurance. In addition to the fantastic social environment, students learn musicality, turn patterns, Latin styling and footwork. Learn to lead and follow this dance with ease and have a great time meeting new people in class. Register with a partner but no partners necessary to join.  8 weeks $99

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